Risalat meaning in Islam. Importance of believing in Risalat

Bismillahir Rahmani Rahim, today’s topic of discussion is What is the meaning of the word Risalat in Islam and why it is important to believe in Risalat.


Risalat meaning in Islam. Importance of believing in Risalat

What is the meaning of the word Risalat?

Risalat is an Arabic word. It means to carry a message, letter, or news or carry responsibility for any auspicious work.

In the terminology of Islamic Shari’ah, the special responsibility given by Allah Rabbul Alamin to the chosen servant from among them for the guidance of His servants is called Risalat.

And those chosen servants, i.e., those entrusted with the mission, are the Messengers. Almighty Allah nominates them by His own will. Allah says in the Quran about this:

“Surely they were among the best of My chosen servants.” [Surat al-Sawad, verse 47]

Therefore, Allah Ta’ala creates in those whom He chooses the ability and qualities to carry out the duties by birth and by nature. When the disbelievers of Makkah wanted to reject the message of Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, Allah Almighty declared in a thunderous voice:

“And Allah knows best on whom He entrusts the burden of His message.” [Surah Al-An’am, Verse: 124]

So it’s not an achievement. Rather, it is an unlimited blessing given to mankind by Almighty God.

Therefore, the medium of conveying the message from the Great Lord to sentient beings in the world is called Risalat; Two classes of people are engaged in accomplishing this task. They are angels and humans, who are called messengers. Since the beginning of time, Allah Ta’ala has sent messengers to every nation to guide them. Al-Qur’an says:

“And there is no nation to whom a warner or a warner has not been sent.” [Surah Fatir, Verse: 24]


“And for every Ummah, there is a Messenger.” [Surah Yunus, verse 47)

Why is it important to believe in Risalat?

Just as it is necessary to believe in the Oneness of Allah Ta’ala, it is also necessary to believe in the Messenger. We have come to know the oneness of Allah, His existence, and identity only through the prophets. Disbelief in Prophets and Messengers is disbelief in Allah. Therefore, in addition to believing in Allah, one must also believe in the message. Belief in Risalat is an important part of faith. The first part of Kalima Shahadat declares Tawheed and the second part declares Risalat. Believing in Rasalat is as essential as believing in Tawheed. Faith in Rasalat is a part of faith in Tawheed.

Risalat meaning in Islam. Importance of believing in Risalat

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