Signs of qayamat in Islam. Symptoms of qiyamah

The fitna of Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim


Signs of qayamat in Islam. Symptoms of qiyamah

The topic of today’s discussion is the signs of the Hour. A total of 141 signs of the Resurrection are found in the Qur’an and Hadith. Which can be mainly divided into two parts.

  1. Small signs of the Hour

  2.  A great sign of the Hour

Small signs of the Hour

The smallest number of patterns is 131. These are again of two types:

  1. The first part: which has been published. There are 6 of them.

  2. The second part: which has not been published. There are 45 of them.

Those that have not yet been published can be further divided into three parts.

  1. It is not clear whether the 10 major signs of the Hour will be revealed before or after it begins to be revealed. There are 24 of them.

  2. This will be revealed before the big 10 signs of the Resurrection begin to appear. There are 12 of them.

  3. These will be revealed after the beginning of the revelation of the big 10 signs of the Hour. The number is 9.

A great sign of the Hour

Resurrection will take place immediately if it is revealed continuously. The number is ten.

Hazrat Huzaifa. Said: We were talking to each other, the Prophet. He came and asked- what were you discussing? Everyone said- in the context of resurrection. Then the Prophet (SM) said: The Hour will not come until you see ten (many) signs:

  1. Smoke

  2. The Antichrist

  3. Dabbatul Ard or strange animal 

  4. Morning sunrise on the western horizon

  5. The return of Jesus, the son of Mary, to earth 

  6. Origin of Gog and Magog

  7. Landslides in the east 

  8. Landslides in the west 

  9. And Landslides in the Arabian Peninsula. 

  10. A huge fire is raging towards the Day of Judgment from Yemen.

Sahih Muslim

The total number of the smallest patterns is 131.

Of these, 86 have been published. E.g.
  1. Receiving the prophethood of the last Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

  2. Death of Prophet Muhammad SAW 

  3. Lunar split 

  4. The end of the Sahaba era 

  5. The conquest of the Temple Mount (Jerusalem)

  6. Massive loss of life like goat’s disease

  7. The advent of one fitna after another 

  8. Discovery of satellite TV channels 

  9. The internal Siffin war of the Muslims

  10. The debut of the corrupt Kharijite community 

  11. The debut of false prophethood claimants 

  12. The triumph of peace, security, and prosperity 

  13. A huge fire broke out in the land of Hejaz 

  14. The war of the Muslims with the Turks 

  15. The emergence of whipping oppressors 

  16. Violence, clashes, and massacres 

  17. Farewell to trust and fidelity from the heart of man 

  18. Following in the footsteps of previous misguided nations 

  19. The birth of a master from the womb of a maid 

  20. The debut of naked women dressed in shorts

  21. The competition of barefoot Arab shepherds to build high-rise houses 

  22. Greetings to individuals 

  23. Trade holds wide size 

  24. Wife’s participation in business in tandem with husband 

  25. The influence of a handful of traders throughout the market 

  26. Giving false testimony on a large scale 

  27. Massive concealment of true testimony

  28. Concerns about religion are widespread 

  29. Stinginess and stinginess are widespread 

  30. Massive severance of kinship 
  31. Abuse of neighbors

  32. Pornography is widespread 

  33. The faithful to the faithful and the faithful to the traitor

  34. The extinction and subjugation of dignified persons 

  35. Abolition of halal and haram considerations in acquiring wealth

  36. Knowledge of state resources to war resources 

  37. The object of the deposit is the objective knowledge of the cost 

  38. Zakat collection is a fine knowledge

  39. Leaving the knowledge of Allah and concentrating on acquiring worldly knowledge 

  40. Satisfying the wife by disobeying the mother 

  41. Pushing the birth father away and bringing the friend closer 

  42. The house of God is loud and noisy in the mosque

  43. Giving leadership to sinners in the Gayatri community 

  44. The arrival of the best people in the leadership of the nation 

  45. Shows respect to people for fear of attack. 

  46. Free association with girls is legal knowledge 

  47. Extensive use of silk fabrics 

  48. Alcohol is halal knowledge. 

  49. Music and dance of dancers is legal knowledge 

  50. The excess of fitna desires the death of man

  51. In the morning there will be believers, in the afternoon there will be disbelievers 

  52. Competition to make mosques more well-equipped 

  53. Home design and various craftsmanship 

  54. Lightning strikes from the sky at a higher rate

  55. Extensive writing and book publishing

  56. Earning wealth by mouth and being proud of it

  57. Promoting other books besides the Qur’an 

  58. Lack of knowledge and carriers of religion and influence of Quran readers

  59. Exploring the Elem to the Sixth and the Little Knowledgeable 

  60. The sudden increase in mortality 
  61. Leading stupid people 

  62. Time passes quickly 

  63. The big talk is about the lowly people

  64. The luckiest person in the world – Luca Ibn Luca 

  65. Using the mosque as a means of transportation and crossing 

  66. Maher’s price increases and then decreases

  67. Horse prices rise and then fall

  68. Getting closer to markets and shops

  69. The single position of all infidel states in the war against the Muslim world 

  70. Pushing the worshipers to lead the prayers

  71. The true dream of the believer 

  72. The lies contain a massive size 

  73. Violence is an expression of hatred 

  74. Massive earthquakes 

  75. The predominance of women 

  76. The decline of the male race 

  77. Public obscenity and adultery

  78. Read the Qur’an and accept the exchange 

  79. The massive increase in muscularity and obesity in the human body 

  80. The debut of people who are willing to testify without desire

  81. The debut of people who do not fulfill their vows 

  82. The wealth of the poor is looted by the high-ranking lakes of the society 

  83. Abandon the implementation of God’s revealed law 

  84. Raman means the excess of Christians and Arab means the decrease of Muslims.

  85. Discovery of new sophisticated vehicles (cars, buses, trains, planes, etc.)

  86. The construction of the buildings in the city of Mecca is sky-high

Part 2: All the patterns that have not happened yet. There are 45 of them.

It is not clear whether the 10 major signs of the Resurrection will be revealed before or after the revelation begins.
  1. There will be an abundance of wealth among the people

  2. The internal mineral resources of the land will reveal

  3. The incidence of appearance distortion will increase

  4. Landslides will appear

  5. Stones will fall from the sky

  6. There will be cropless rain, that is, even if it rains, the crop will not be blessed

  7. Massive sedition that will almost end the Arabs

  8. Iraq’s Euphrates River will unveil Gold mine

  9. Will be forced to commit a public offense or admit disability

  10. The Arabian Peninsula will be full of lush green environment and rivers

  11. The new moon will saw in large size

  12. All Muslims will migrate to Syria 

  13. The mountains will move away from their place

  14. From the Kahtan tribe will emerge a great man of honor

  15. A man named Jahjah will make his debut

  16. People will talk to four-limbed animals and inanimate objects

  17. What will people say with the tip of the stick?

  18. People will talk with shoelaces

  19. Thigh muscles will tell people what’s going on at home

  20. Hajj will stop in the Kaaba 

  21. Some Arab Gaetras will return to idol worship

  22. The Quraish dynasty will be extinct

  23. The next Muslims will insult the previous Muslims

  24. The Kaaba will be destroyed at the hands of a black Abyssinian, that is, a lake in present-day Ethiopia  

There are 12 of the top 10 signs of the Resurrection that will be revealed before they begin to appear.
  1. Ahlach means to escape and the fitna of war will be revealed

  2. The fitna of affluence will reveal

  3. Dark fitna will appear

  4. Imam Mahdi will appear

  5. The huge Muslim army that came to fight against Imam Mahdi towards the Kaaba will collapse under the ground

  6. The biggest battle will take place between Muslims and Roman i.e. Christians

  7. The Muslims will conquer Constantinople, the current capital of Turkey, Istanbul. There was a victory in the early days of Islam under the leadership of General Muhammad Fateh. But in the last days, Imam Mahdi’s forces will win it again InshaAllah

  8. Mirach means there will be no opportunity to distribute waste resources 

  9. There will be no opportunity to rejoice over the spoils of war 

  10. The era of arrow swords and horses will return

  11. The population around the Temple Mount will increase

  12. Faced with destruction, Medina settlements and strangers will be empty  

There are 9 big signs of the Resurrection that will be revealed after the revelation.
  1. All the disbelieving hypocrites will leave Madinah

  2. The arboreal will speak with the help of the Muslims

  3. Stone will speak with the help of Muslims

  4. The Muslims will have the last battle against the Jews and the Muslims will be victorious

  5. A single prostration will be superior to the rest of the world

  6. The rain that will wash away all the towns 

  7. Allah will send the wind to save the souls of the believers

  8. All believers will die just before the Day of Resurrection

  9. The Qur’an will rise from the pages of paper and the hearts of the people.


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