Where is Jahannam located?

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim


Where is Jahannam located?

Jannat location

Jannat is above the seventh heaven, and ALLAH’s throne is its roof. Abu Huraira. Said the Prophet. He said, “If you ask Allah, you will ask for Paradise.” Because this is the best and highest paradise. I think the Prophet.  He also said that Arsh Rahman is on top of it. And the canals of Paradise are flowing from there. Muhammad ibn Fulaih (may Allah be pleased with him) said in his father’s source that there is a throne above it.

Sahih Bukhari 2690.

Where is Jahannam located?

Everyone agrees that Jannat is located above the seven heavens. But there is a lot of disagreement about where is Jahannam located. Today we will know where the hell is actually located.

The Prophet After sending a letter to the emperor Heraclius calling for Islam, he sent a letter in reply. In it, he asked a question and that is, you are calling me to a paradise whose breadth and perimeter are equal to the heavens and the earth; Which has been made for the pious, then where the hell went? Hearing this question, the Prophet. Said, Subhanallah, where does the night go when the day arrives?

Al Bidaya wan Nihaya. Imam Ahmad has narrated it.

The Prophet Asked in answer to the question. What did he mean by that? If we think a little, we will understand InshaAllah. When the day arrives in our country, the night goes to our opposite country. Again when night comes to our country then the day goes to our opposite country. That is when the night is on one side of the earth and day is on the other side.

To put it more simply, one side of the earth in the east, and the other side is in the west. In the East, when the night is in the west, then in the day, in the east, when the day is in the west, then it is night. The Prophet In answer to the question, he asked, it means that just as there is the night on one side of the earth and day on the other side, there is paradise on one side of the sky and hell on the other side. Since Paradise is above the heavens, it seems natural for Hell to be above the heavens.

Where is Jahannam located in the light of the Quran?

These two verses of the Qur’an also bear witness to the existence of Hell above the heavens. Allah the Almighty said, there will be a wall between the two and there will be many people above Araf. They will recognize everyone by their mark. And They will call out to the people of Paradise and say, “Peace be upon you. They will still not enter Jannat but will be eager to enter. When their eyes fall on the dwellers of the Fire, they will say, “Our Lord, do not make us a companion of the unjust.

Surah A’raf, verse no 46-47.

From this verse, it is understood that there is a wall between Paradise and Hell and there is a high place on it called Araf. There will be many people who will see the people of Paradise and the people of Hell. This means that Paradise and Hell coexist. That is, both are above the sky. 

The Prophet On the night of Miraj, he saw Paradise and Hell above the sky.

Therefore, the correct thing is that both Paradise and Hell are above the heavens. Paradise on one side and hell on the other.