Signs before the arrival of dajjal. When will dajjal come?

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim


Signs before the arrival of dajjal. When will dajjal come?

signs of dajjal arriving

When Tamim Dari (RA) and his companions met the Dajjal, the Dajjal asked three questions. One of them was whether they were holding dates in the date orchards of Baishan. They said yes, holding dates. Then the Dajjal said that he would not catch dates there any time soon. His other question was whether there was water in the Buhaira Tabaria Bill and if so, whether the people there used to cultivate with that water. In reply they said, yes there is water and people cultivate with it. Then the Dajjal said that soon there will be no water.

Then the Dajjal asked if there was water in the fountain of Yuga. They replied yes there is water. Then the Dajjal said, soon there will be no water. And Then the Dajjal asked about the Prophet (s). Then he said, He will soon be released from this captivity and he will travel all over the world except Mecca and Medina. His words indicate that of the three subjects with the release of a profound change in the relationship. It clearly shows that, of the three, he would be released immediately if a change in circumstances indicates that the least, these things will not be released until the situation has not changed.

Today we see those three areas occupied by Jews. And there are no date palms left in Baichan today. And the Jews blocked the way for water to enter the bill. They are wasting water by pouring it into the desert but not allowing water to enter the bill. So day by day that bill is drying up. And the fountain of the age is also occupied by the Jews, maybe soon there will be no water there either.

But the point here is to understand

why the Jews are so preoccupied with these things, leaving so much space on earth to occupy these three places. And why are they so desperate to change the situation on these three issues. In fact, they are the main followers of the Dajjal. They refer to the Dajjal as Lord. And they are waiting for the arrival of the Dajjal. They hope that under the leadership of Dajjal they will conquer the whole world but their hope will never be fulfilled InshaAllah. But it is true that the Dajjal will come, lead them, and create sedition all over the world.

Maybe the Jews are doing these things as advised by the Dajjal. 

It is narrated in the hadith that the Dajjal is a prisoner on an eastern island. In today’s age of sophisticated technology, it is not difficult for Jews to find the island and meet the Dajjal. It may be that the Jews met with the Dajjal and acted on his advice. Not only have these three issues changed the situation, but they have also spread Dajjal’s conspiracy all over the world. It does not seem that the Dajjal will have all the powers described in the hadith that he will acquire after his appearance. 

Because in the hadith he will make his debut and will travel all over the world and he will have this ability. This means that he will gain power and then make his debut. And will confuse the man with that power, will turn him into his slave. The Jews are working hard to gain that power. Today we see that Those three things are about to change. A lot has happened and there is something left. So it seems that the arrival of the Dajjal is very close.

O Muslim nation! Be careful and cautious

The Dajjal’s fitnah is terrible fitnah. It is very difficult to escape from this fitnah. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: I have narrated many hadeeths about the Dajjaal among you, yet I think you will not recognize the Dajjaal. To strengthen your faith. God will help those who have strong faith against the Dajjal. And those who have hypocrisy or weak faith, that is, those who have even a little hypocrisy in their hearts will easily become followers of the Dajjal. Will be confused by his fitna. So now is the time to strengthen faith. In particular, the oneness of God must be fully complied with.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said

that the Dajjaal will appear only when the discussion of the Dajjaal from the pulpit of the mosque ceases. Today we see that the Imams, the Khatibs have stopped talking about the Dajjal. They seem to have forgotten about the Dajjal. Therefore, I would like to call on them to warn the people about the Dajjal’s sedition in their Friday sermons.

I am telling not only the scholars but also the common people that you will inform the people about the fitna of Dajjal to those who do not know. Tell others what you know about religion, not just about it. It is your faithful duty. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “Even if I know one thing, tell it to me.” So it is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about.

O Allah, grant us the Tawfiq to understand and obey the things and protect us from the temptations of the Dajjal. Allahumma Amin.

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