Ahad meaning in Islam. Ahad name meaning

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Ahad meaning in Islam. Ahad name meaning

Al-Ahad is an adjective name of Allah. The word Ahad means one, alone, single. Allah has no two or two. And He has no partner, equivalent, equal, and partner. He is unique in all virtues. There is no one like him. He is unique in all the qualities of glory, beauty, praise, wisdom, kindness, strength, etc. He has no precedent.

Allah is alone in all creation and provision, He has no partner. In the management of the unit, no help, and no support.

No one is his equal; Its spirit, its attributes, and its karma alive.

He is the only God, He has no partner. He is the sole owner of all sovereignty.

There is no wife, no children, he was alone. He is not the father, nothing is born of him, and he is not born of anything. Everyone is dependent on him, he is not dependent on anyone.

Allah the Almighty said,

Say, ” All praise is due to Allah, Who has not taken a child, has no share in His sovereignty, and He does not suffer, for which reason He may need a guardian.” And declare his greatness with self-respect.  ( Surah Bani Isra’il: verse — 111)

The disbelievers asked the Prophet (peace be upon him) for the genealogy and identity of the great Lord. Allah revealed a small surah and introduced it —

Say: He is Allah Alone, He is the Self-Sufficient, He has not begotten anyone (He has no children) and He has not begotten anyone (He is not begotten by anyone) and He has no equal. ( Surah Ikhlas)

In the hadith Qudsi, Allah the Almighty says,

People abuse me because I have children. But I am single and self-sufficient. I have neither given birth to anyone nor been born of anyone. And no one has my equivalent.  ( Bukhari)

Allah does everything alone, he alone does what he wants. He alone knows the news of the unseen. He alone cured the disease of the slave. Allah alone gives happiness and prosperity to the servant. Prophet and saint are not partners in any of his activities. He is singular and unique in all respects, unique and incomparable.

Therefore He is the only God. There is no true god but He. That is La ilaha illallah.

The name Ahad is exclusive to Allah. Because in the sense that he is one, no one is one. And He is the One God. The original identity of Tauhid is found in the name of Allah Ahad.

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