Ihram meaning. How to tie Ihram?

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Ihram meaning. How to tie Ihram?

Bismillahir Rahmani Rahim, today’s topic of discussion is what is the meaning of the word Ihram and the rules of Tying Ihram.

Ihram meaning

The ceremony of Hajj and Umrah begins with the wearing of Ihram. The literal meaning of the word Ihram is to prohibit. When a person intending to perform Hajj and Umrah recites Talbiyah with the intention of performing Hajj or Umrah or both, then some halal and permissible things also become haram for him. That is why this process is called Ihram.

No one becomes a Muhrim just by performing Hajj or Umrah. Although he made the decision to perform Hajj when he started his journey from his home country. Likewise, one does not become a Muhrim merely by giving up a perfume or starting Talbiya recitation. For this, he should rather intend to start the Hajj ceremony.

Therefore, a person who wants to perform Hajj and Umrah should wear Ihram clothes after completing Ghusl and attaining purity, then wear Ihram.

Tying Ihram

Bangladeshi pilgrims usually perform Tamattu Hajj. It usually takes five and a half hours by air to reach Jeddah from Dhaka. Tamattu Hajis will assume Ihram for Umrah after performing ablution immediately after the arrival announcement and green signal given by the aircraft at least half an hour before landing in Jeddah.

If the Bangladeshi pilgrims go to Makkah via Madinah, they will enter Ihram from Dhul-Hulaifa, not before. Because he came to Madinah from Jeddah as an ordinary traveler to pray in the Prophet’s Mosque, not for Hajj. And praying in Masjid an-Nabawi is not part of Hajj.

The specific place of Ihram

The specific place of wearing the Ihram is called Miqat in the Shari’ah language. Ihram can be tied from five places.

One. Zul Hulaifa or Bire Ali: This is the Miqat of Medinans and those entering Makkah through Medina.

Two. Yalamlam: It is the Miqat of those entering Makkah via Jeddah from Southeast Asian countries.

Three. Al-Juhfa: It is the Miqat of Syria, Egypt, and those coming from there.

Four. Qarnul Manajil or Assa’il al-Kabir: This is the Miqat for those coming from Najd.

Five. Jatul Irak: This is the Miqat for those coming from Iraq.

Sunnah of Ihram

(1) It is better to perform ablution or ghusl before Ihram. But not the condition. Women can wear Ihram while impure.

(2) Using perfume on the body, not on clothes.

(3) Wearing a white unstitched lungi and chadar for men. For women to wear any form of modest clothing, which does not resemble men’s clothing.

Ihram is worn after any obligatory prayer or after two rakat Nafal prayers of ‘Tahiyatul Azu’. However, wearing Ihram has nothing to do with Salat.

Shaykh Abdullah bin Jasser, Ahkamul Hajj (Riyadh: 3rd ed. 1412/1992) pp. 70-75.

Ihram Dua

Ihram should be done by reciting any one of the following supplications.

(1) Labbayek Umraatan (I appear for Umrah).

(2) Labbayek Allahumma Omratan. (O Allah! I appear for Umrah).

(3) Labbayk Allahumma Omratam Mutamattian Biha Ilal Hajji; Fayassirha li wa Takabbalha minni (O Allah! I have come for Umrah, as a beneficiary of Hajj. So make Umrah easy for me and accept it from me).

# Those who perform both Umrah and Hajj in the same Ihram will say, Labbayk Allahumma Omratan wa Hajjan.

## Those who put on Ihram only for Hajj will say Labbayk Allahumma Hajjan.

### But those who fear that they will not be able to perform Hajj due to illness or any other reason, will recite the conditional dua after saying ‘Labbayek Umratan’ or ‘Labbayek Hajjan’, Fain Habasani Ha-Bisun, Fa Mahalli Haichu Habastani. Meaning: If anything hinders (my performance of Hajj or Umrah), then wherever You hinder me (O Allah!), there will be my place of halal. (Muttafaq Alaih, Mishkat Ha/2711).

#### Those who perform Hajj on behalf of someone, if their Muwakkil is a male, should say in their hearts to him, Labbayek An-Fulan (I appear on behalf of so-and-so). And if it’s a woman, say, Labbayk An-Fula-nah. If you forget to say un fullan or Fula-nah, that’s fine too. Deeds will be accepted based on intentions, inshallah.

##### If there is a minor son or daughter (putting them in Ihram by performing ablution), their guardian will recite the above supplication on their behalf. (Qwahtani, pp. 52-55).

Prohibited things after Ihram

Ihram of Hajj and Umrah is like Tahreema in Takbeer. As a result, many things are prohibited for the Muhrim after the Ihram barrier. For example,

(1) Using perfumes.

(2) Removal of hair of the head and any part of the body by any means and cutting of fingernails and toenails for both men and women.

(3) Hunting birds or any animal. Even cooperating with cues to capture prey. However, it is permissible to kill harmful animals such as snakes, scorpions, rats, rabid dogs, mosquitoes, lice, etc. (Muttafaq Alaih, Mishkat Ha/2698-99).

(4) Making any sexual conduct, marriage proposal, marriage contract, or sexual discussion.

(5) Use of turban, cap, and handkerchief for men. But there is no harm in using an umbrella or something like that for shade in extreme heat or rain.

(6) For men to wear any type of stitched clothes like Jubba, Punjabi, Shirt, Genji, Socks, etc. However, there is no fault in wearing Ihram clothes with claps.

(7) Use of face covering and hand socks for women. However, it is obligatory to cover the face in front of other people.

(8) Arguing and talking and doing bad things against the Shariah.

Among the above acts, only sexual intercourse will invalidate Ihram. Ihram will not be canceled for the rest. But Fidya will be obligatory. That is, sacrifice a goat as an atonement or give three meals to 6 poor people or fast for three days.

Muttafaq alaih, Mishkat Ha/2688.

Of course, if someone does it out of forgetfulness or ignorance, compulsion, or while asleep, there is no sin or redemption.

The purpose of the above prohibitions is to free the Muhrim from worldly adornment and turn him completely towards Allah. The purpose of wearing unstitched clothes for men is to be pure and devoted to Allah, free from all adornment and display.

After entering Ihram until reaching Masjid al-Haram, abstain from things prohibited by Ihram and always recite the following supplication, called ‘Talbiya’, till it becomes halal. The men will move and the women will recite ‘Talbiya’ in a low voice.

Muatta, Tirmidhi et al., Mishkat Ha/2549.

Ihram meaning. How to tie Ihram?

ihram meaning, ihram for umrah, what is ihram, ihram definition, ihram rules for ladies, what is ihram in Islam, how to tie ihram, ihram clothing rules, Takbir al ihram, what does ihram mean, ihram meaning in Islam, rules of ihram

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