How to perform Sajda Sahw in Salah?

Bismillahir Rahmani Rahim, today’s topic of discussion is the rules of Sajda Sahw and when to give Sajda Sahwi.


When to perform Sajda Sahw?

If a ‘wajib’ is mistakenly omitted in the prayer, after the Tashahhud of the last meeting, before returning the salam, one must give ‘Sajda Sahw’. If there is a mistake in the calculation of the rak’at if there is doubt or if it is more or less or if one stands instead of sitting in the 1st sitting and if the mistake is corrected by the Muqtadis then ‘Sajda Sahwi’ is necessary. Shaukani said, if it is wajib taraq, ‘Sajda Sahwi’ will be wajib and if it is sunnat tarak, ‘Sajda Sahw’ will be sunnah. 

Shawqani, As-Saylul Jarra (Beirut: Darul Qutubil Ilmiyah, Tabi) 1/274 p. 

Therefore, Sajda Sahw is unnecessary if the Qira’at is wrong in Salat or if the Qira’at is mistakenly loud or vice versa in Serri Salah.

Rules of Sajda Sahw

(1) If the imam is convinced of his mistake during the prayer or if the Muqtadis are mistaken by the lokma by saying ‘Subhanallah’ in the surah, then he will give two consecutive ‘Sajda Sahwi’ with Takbeer at the end of the Tashahhud of the last meeting. Then return salam.

Muslim, Mishkat Ha/1015; Muttafaq ‘Alaih, Mishkat Ha/1018 ‘Sahw’ para-20. 

(2) If one recites too many Rakats and returns the salam, then realizes the mistake, then (sits as before) with the Takbeer and returns the salam with ‘Sajda Sahw’.

Muttafaq ‘Alaih, Mishkat Ha/1016 ‘Salat’ Chapter-4, ‘Sahw’ Chapter-20. 

(3) If he shortens the rak’ah and returns the salam. Then stand up with Takbeer pray the rest of the prayer and return the salam. Then return the salam with two ‘Sajda Sahw’ (with Takbeer).

Muttafaq ‘Alaih, Mishkat Ha/1017; Muslim, Mishkat Ha/1021.

(4) Give two ‘Sajda Sahw’ before or after salam, no matter if it is more or less.

Muslim Ha/1287 (572), ‘Sahw’ paragraph-19; Naylul Awtar 3/411 p.


In general, ‘Sajda Sahwi’ is permissible both before and after salam. But at the end of Tashahhud, there is no basis for the traditional practice of returning Salam to both sides by saying Tashahhud and Durood, and then making two ‘Sajda Sahw’ with only one salam at the dinner.

Mir’atul Mafatih 2/32-33 pp.; Note that discussion, 3/407, Ha/1024.

The hadith that came from Imran bin Hussain (RA) about reciting ‘Tashahud’ after Sajda Sahwi, is ‘Zaif. 

Tirmidhi, Abu Dawud, Irwaul Galil Ha/403, pp. 2/128-29.

Besides, it contradicts the Sahih Hadith of Bukhari and Muslim narrated by the same Rabbi because there is no word of Tashahhud.

Muttafaq ‘Alaih, Mishkat Ha/1017 ‘Salat’ Chapter-4, ‘Sahw’ Chapter-20.

If the imam makes a mistake, the male Muqtadi moves and says ‘subhanallah’ and the female muqtadi claps her hands and gives the sound ‘Lokma’ (Qurtubi). 

Muttafaq ‘Alaih, Mishkat Ha/988 ‘Salaat perfected and imperfect actions’ paragraph-19; Meerat 3/357

That is, it will remind the mistake. The reason for the separate method of lokma donation for men and women here is that women’s voices are also subject to shame. If it is revealed, it can cause strife between men. It is for this reason that women are prohibited from calling the adhan in a loud voice.

Mira’at 3/357-58, Tirmidhi, Mishkat ha/3109 ‘Marriage’ Chapter-13, Ahzab 33/32.

How to perform Sajda Sahw in Salah?

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