Imam mahdi signs of arrival. Who is imam mahdi?

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim


Imam mahdi signs of arrival. Who is imam mahdi?

The main purpose of today’s discussion is to give a correct idea about the confusion that has spread about the arrival of Imam Mahdi. First, we will discuss the identity of Imam Mahdi. Then I will talk about what misconceptions have spread about his arrival and resolve the misconceptions. Finally, in the light of the hadiths of the arrival of Imam Mahdi, we will discuss what will happen before his arrival, what signs will be revealed, in as many stages as possible, InshaAllah.

Identity of Imam Mahdi

Mahdi means guided person. This is not his original name. His name will be in the name of the Prophet (s) i.e. Muhammad or Ahmad. He will be guided by God. So he will be called Mahdi. His father’s name will be in the name of the father of the Prophet, i.e. Abdullah. He will be born from the womb of Hasan, the son of Fatima, in the lineage of the Prophet. Appearance and physical constitution will not be like that of the Prophet. He will have a bright and wide forehead and a high nose. In the character of the Prophet. Be like this. He will take the pledge in Baitullah. Imam Mahdi will fill the whole world with justice and fairness, just as it was filled with oppression and tyranny in the past. He will rule the world for five years or seven years or nine years.

Dispelling confusion of arrival

In fact, there is no difference of opinion on these matters. The confusion is when he will come. Nothing is clearly stated in the Qur’an or Hadith in this regard. Only God knows when he will come. So it is not our job to determine the date or year. The arrival of Imam Mahdi is a great sign of the Resurrection. He will arrive just before the Day of Resurrection. We do not know when the Hour will come and we do not know when Imam Mahdi will come. Many are saying that the arrival of Imam Mahdi in 2026 is very likely. I will discuss later what they are talking about, InshaAllah. There is no need to be overly busy. He will send the Mahdi only when Allah wills. 

Today, those who are showing more interest in this issue are not the ones who have rejected Imam Mahdi. When he comes is not the main thing, the main thing is, We have to meet him when he makes his debut. For this, we must always be ready from all sides because He can come at any time. So our job is to remind the nation. Especially the Dajjal  To discuss Because the Dajjal will appear a few years after the arrival of Imam Mahdi. And that will be the biggest fitna of the Ummah. Again, many are saying that Imam Mahdi has left. So far many have gone who claimed to be Imam Mahdi. Many are still claiming. It is not the job of a believer to listen to these rumors. Because when Imam Mahdi arrives, Allah Ta’ala will convey this news to the people very well.

Events prior to imam Mahdi arrival

Now we will discuss what will happen before the arrival of Imam Mahdi, what patterns will be revealed. We will discuss while maintaining as much continuity as possible, InshaAllah.

1. The whole world will fall into fitna.

Abu Huraira. Narrated from, he said, the fourth fitna is the dark blind fitna, Which will rise like the waves of the sea. There will be no Arab house left. That fitna will enter every house. By which they will be humiliated and disgraced. That fitna will continue to roam the country of Syria but will spend the night in Iraq. His hands and feet will continue to roam inside the Arabian Peninsula. That fitna will be mixed with the ummah-like skin with skin. Then the calamity of Bala will be so widespread and deadly that people will not be able to diagnose good or bad. At that moment, no one would dare to stop the fitna. 

On the one hand, a little breeze of peace will blow, but on the other hand, it will be intense. Even if a person is a Muslim in the morning, he will become a disbeliever in the evening. No one will be able to escape from that fitna. But only those people will be able to survive who will continue to yearn in a melody like a person drowning in the sea. It will last for about twelve years. At some point, everything will become clear to everyone. Will last until. At some point, everything will become clear to everyone. Will last until. At some point, everything will become clear to everyone.

2. Economic sanctions will be imposed on Muslims.

Hazrat Jabir (RA) said that the time is very near when the Iraqi people will be banned from accessing wealth or food. Asked, on whose behalf will the ban be imposed? Said on behalf of the non-Arabs. Then he said again in silence for a while, the time is very near when the ban will be imposed on the people of Sham. The question is, then who will do it? Said, it will be done on behalf of the Romans (Westerners). 

Then he said that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: There will be a caliph among my ummah who will give wealth to the people with both hands, without any calculation. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) also said: I swear by the One in Whose hand is my soul! Of course, Islam will return to its original state, just as it began in Medina. Even full faith will remain only within the boundaries of Medina.

Hadrat Abu Salih (Tabi’i) narrated from Abu Huraira (may Allah be pleased with him) that a similar ban would be imposed on Egypt.


The prediction of sanctions on Iraq has been fulfilled. So, O you who believe! Is there still time to sit?

3. From Syria, that is, from present-day Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Syria, Lebanon, a person named Sufiani will make his debut.

Then he will go to Kufr. He will send an army towards Medina. Then they will come and fight, as long as Allah wills, even tearing the mother’s belly and killing the child. She will hold the position of ruler for the duration of her pregnancy. His name will be Azhar bin Kalbiyya or Zuhri bin Kalbiyya. She will be known as Sufiani. He will have a big head and a very awkward look.

4. The Holy Spirit will be martyred. 

5. One out of every nine people will be slaughtered.

6. The year in which the sun and the lunar eclipse will be in the month of Ramadan will be the year of the arrival of Imam Mahdi

Such an event has never happened since the creation of the heavens and the earth. There will be a solar eclipse at the beginning of Ramadan and a lunar eclipse at the end. Many are saying that this will happen in 2027. But their claim is a little wrong because according to their commentary, the eclipse will take place one day before the start of Ramadan. So what is the account?

7. In the month of Ramadan, a terrible monstrous sound can be heard. 

Hazrat Firoz Dailami Ra. Narrated from the Prophet Kareem. Ershad said- there will be a huge noise in the month of Ramadan. Sahabaye Keram Ra. Said- At the beginning of Ramadan? Sometimes? Or at the end? He replied: Rather, in the middle of Ramadan. When the night of the 15th of Ramadan falls on a Friday night, a loud noise will come from the sky. Seventy thousand people will immediately faint on hearing this sound. Another seventy thousand people will become dumb. The other seventy thousand will be blind. 

Seventy thousand will become deaf. And Seventy thousand will become dumb. Seventy thousand women’s virginity will be lost. The Companions asked, “Then who among the Ummah will be able to survive?” He replied, “Those who stay in their houses, prostrate and seek refuge in Allah, and keep on saying takbeer, that is, Allahu Akbar.” Then another sound will come. The first voice will be that of Gabriel. The second voice will be that of the devil.

8. The three sons of the ruler will fight near the mineral reserves. Mineral reserves will not be transferred to anyone.

9. People carrying black flags will come from the east. They will fight against them so fiercely that no one has ever been able to do so before.

10. There will be disagreement over the death of an Arab king in the month of Zilqad. The Arab community will be divided into tribes. As a result, there will be many clashes between them.

11. Promise will be broken in the month of Zilhaj.

As a result, the pilgrims will be looted. The battle will take place in the desert of Mina. There will be a lot of slaughter. There will be a flood of blood. Eventually, blood will continue to flow in Akbatul Jamra. The situation will get to the point that their companion Imam Mahdi will flee to Makkah.

12. The first day of the month of Muharram will be a test for the Ummah.

And the last days will be the day of redemption. Only then will the pledge of allegiance be made against his will at the hands of Imam Mahdi in the middle of the Kaaba and in the place of Ibrahim in Makkah. He will be told that if you refuse to take our pledge, we will cut your throat. Then the number of battles of Badr (313) people will take the pledge in his hands. All the inhabitants of the heavens and the earth will rejoice over them.

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