Akhirah meaning. Why is it essential to believe in Akhirah?

Bismillahir Rahmani Rahim, Today’s topic of discussion is what is the meaning of the word Akhirah, why is it essential to believe in the Akhirah, what are the levels of the Akhirah and what are the important aspects of the Akhirah.


Akhirah meaning

The word Akhirah (اخرة‎‎) is derived from the word Akhir (اخر‎‎). Which means end, completion, next, etc. The English meaning of Akhirah is Hereafter. Two parts of human life. One is the life of this world and the other is the life of the Hereafter. When the life of this world ends, the life of the hereafter begins.

In Islamic terminology, the part of the universe where people live after death is called the Akhirah or the Hereafter.

Why is it essential to believe in Akhirah?

Allah Ta’ala has determined the Hereafter after this time and informed the people about the situation there. Advised them. It is necessary to believe in it. He urged me to focus on proper and proper preparation for this.

Remembrance of the Hereafter encourages righteous and benevolent deeds. Removes doubts from the heart. Prevents oppression and attacks on the weak. As Almighty Allah says,

“I will establish the standard of justice on the Day of Judgment. So no one will be oppressed. If any deed is even the size of a mustard seed, I will present it and I am sufficient to take account.” (Surah Ambiya-47)

In another verse he says,

“All countenances shall bow down before the Eternal One, and he shall fail who bears the burden of oppression.” (Surat Taha-111)

Prophet said

“Whoever wrongs someone or defames someone, let him withdraw his claim from him today before the day comes when there will be no dinar-dirham (coin). If there are good deeds, the amount of torture will be deducted. If not, the burden of the sin committed by the oppressed will be imposed on him.” (Bukhari-2317).

Akhirah meaning. Why is it essential to believe in Akhirah?

Belief in the afterlife keeps people from chaos and atheism. A disbeliever, on the other hand, cannot judge good and evil. As Allah Ta’ala says,

“And those who do not believe in the Hereafter, they have gone astray.” (Surat al-Mu’minun-74)

Belief in the Hereafter modifies the character of man, teaches patience in danger, and restrains from covetousness of unearned things. Because the reward of the Hereafter is huge and infinite. Prophet said

“If a Muslim is in danger, Allah forgives his sins in return, even if a thorn pierces him.” (Bukhari-5317)

Belief in the afterlife forces people to confess their crimes, helping them to get rid of them. As a result, Sahaba Keram has set an ideal to achieve self-purification.

An incident

Mayiz bin Malik. A famous companion. Once Satan induced him to fall in love with the maidservant of an Ansari companion. Then when they both went alone, Shaytaan made them both beautiful for each other, so they committed adultery. Then when Mayiz had fulfilled his wishes and Shaytaan moved away from them, he began to weep. Get worried. Start scolding yourself. Became afraid of Allah’s punishment. Worryingly, this life becomes his displeasure. Guilt engulfed him.

Just then he took refuge in the Maha-Physician. Standing in front of the Prophet and shouting, O Messenger of God has committed adultery! Sanctify me! The Prophet avoided him. He came to the other side and repeated, O Messenger of Allah, I have committed adultery, purify me! The Prophet said, Woe to you! Go back! Ask God for forgiveness! Repent!

After going some distance, he came back and said, O Messenger of Allah, purify me! The Prophet said loudly, Woe to you! Do you know what adultery is? When he was ordered to be removed, he was removed. The second time he came back and said, O Messenger of God, purify me! The Prophet said loudly, Woe to you! Do you know what adultery is? When ordered to move away, he was removed. Then the third time.. the fourth time too.

Akhirah meaning. Why is it essential to believe in Akhirah?

As a result of excessive force, the Prophet asked, is he crazy? Everyone said no! We haven’t heard any problem about it. The Prophet said, did he drink alcohol? One stood and smelled his mouth and detected no scent of alcohol. The Prophet said, Do you know what adultery is? He said, Yes, I have wrongfully done to a woman what one does to his wife lawfully. The Prophet said, what do you want through this? He said I want you to purify me. The Prophet said, Well! Then ordered him to throw stones. He died after being stoned.

After the funeral and burial, the Prophet was returning with his companions, when he heard a person saying to another, “Look at this person; Allah concealed his crime, but his heart did not allow him to conceal it. As a result, he was stoned to death like a dog.” The Prophet went there for a while without saying anything to them. Passing by the dead body of a donkey lying on the road, the donkey’s face was swollen in the hot sun, its legs were swollen. Said, where is such and such a person? Both said we are here, O Messenger of God! He said, “Get down and eat the donkey’s carcass!” Both of them said, O Prophet of God, may God forgive you, can any man eat this corpse? 

Akhirah meaning. Why is it essential to believe in Akhirah?

Then the Prophet began to say, “What you uttered about your brother a while ago is worse than eating corpses. Surely Mayiz has done such repentance, if his repentance is distributed among the whole nation, it will be sufficient for the salvation of all. By the One in Whose Hand is my life, surely at this moment, he is swimming in the rivers of Paradise!”

Congratulations O Mayiz bin Malik! Yes, she revealed her secret by committing adultery. But when he has atoned for his sins, all pleasures are gone and only sorrow remains. But if he has done such repentance, if it is distributed among the whole nation, it will be enough for the salvation of all.

Belief in the Hereafter accustoms people to faithfulness. Avoids self-disclosure. As Allah Ta’ala says,

“Undoubtedly, those who believe in Allah and the Last Day and establish prayer and pay Zakat will build the mosque of Allah; He does not fear anyone except Allah. Therefore, hopefully, they will be among the guided.” (Surah Tawbah-18)

Remember, belief in the Hereafter is the only way to peace in this world and happiness in the Hereafter.

What are the levels of Akhirah?

The level of the hereafter is three. Namely:

1. Grave

2. Qiyamah

3. Jannat or Jahannam.

What are the important things in Akhirah?

1. Grave

2. Qiyamah

   2.1. Resurrection

   2.2. Book

   2.3. Scale

   2.4. House of Cowser

   2.5. Intercession

   2.6. Pulsirat

3. Jannat or Jahannam.

Akhirah meaning. Why is it essential to believe in Akhirah?

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