Iman meaning in Islam. Meaning of faith in Islam


Iman meaning in Islam. Meaning of faith in Islam

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim; Iman meaning in Islam: Iman is an Arabic word. This is the origin of a word. Arabic This is Amana, Yu’Minu, Iman,  mu’Minu of words. Iman means to confirm, is to accept that, true to the Iman. Iman is the firm belief of the heart on all aspects of Tawheed, that is, the oneness of God in the terminology of Islamic law. Faith is a matter of the heart. It resides in the heart.

The claim of faith is to accept Islam. And Islam is words and deeds. In other words, Islam is the name of giving recognition and putting it into action. Islam is very important along with faith. Islam is the manifestation of faith. Iman means faith in the heart is absolutely worthless unless Islam is accepted. Faith alone, that is, faith in the heart alone, will not work if Islam is not accepted, that is, it is not recognized and practiced. For example, the faith of Emperor Heraclius did not work because he did not accept Islam.

Again, faith is a condition for Islam. 

That is, faith is essential for Islam. Without faith, Islam alone will not work. That is, if Islam is accepted with disbelief or disbelief in the heart, it is not acceptable. Its name is Nifaq. Which means to practice Islam outside by hiding Kufr in the heart. Those who do not believe in the heart but practice Islam on the outside are hypocrites. Their Islam will not be of any use because they do not have faith in their hearts. They will abide in Hell.

Faith and Islam are interrelated. Just as Islam is worthless without faith, faith is worthless without Islam. One without the other is not acceptable. Ibadat is a combination of faith and Islam. That is, Ibadah is the name of believing in the heart of Tawheed, that is, the Oneness of God, acknowledging it with one’s mouth and putting it into practice. And Allah Ta’ala has created us only to worship Him. Without Islam, only faith will not be considered worship, and without faith, only Islam will not be considered worship. So we have to have a firm belief in all aspects of Tauhid in our hearts, then we have to acknowledge it verbally and act accordingly. Only then will it be acceptable to Allah as an act of worship.

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