Dajjal location hadith. Where is dajjal located now?

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Dajjal location hadith. Where is dajjal located now?

Where is dajjal now

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) warned us about the Dajjaal, as the previous Prophets warned their ummahs. He has made the identity of the Dajjal clear to his Ummah so that we can recognize the Dajjal and deal with him. He even informed us about the position of the Dajjal. Fatima bint Kayes narrated in Sahih Muslim. It becomes clear in the hadith narrated to be.

Fatema bint Kayes Ra. Said

A caller called for prayer, then I went to the mosque and prayed with the Prophet (peace be upon him). I was in the same queue as the women behind the community. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) sat on the pulpit laughing while praying. Then he said, “Everyone sits down in your place.”

Then he said, “Do you know why I have gathered you?” The Companions said, “Allah and His Messenger know best.” He said, by God! I did not assemble you for any hope or fear. But I have gathered you only because of Tamim ad Dari. The first was Christian. He came to me and took Bai’at and converted to Islam. And He has narrated to me a story that confirms my narration which I have narrated to you concerning the Dajjal.

He told me that he had once boarded a ship with thirty men from the tribes of Lakhm and Juzam. Sea storms continue to play with them for up to a month. Then at sunset, they take refuge on an island in the sea. Then they entered the island in small boats. As soon as they landed on the island, they saw something like an animal. His whole body was full of fur. Because of the fur, there was no way to recognize her ass and ass. People said to him, wretched man, who are you? He said, I am Jassa-sah. People said, ‘Jassa-sah’ what again? He said! Go to the church that can be seen. A man is waiting for you there. Tamim Addari Ra. Said, we heard a man in his mouth, we were afraid that he is not the devil again!

As we hurried into the church, we saw a tall man.

Which we have never seen before. With both hands clasped around his neck by two knees in an iron chain. We said to him, may you be defeated, who are you? He said, “You have found something or other in my search.” Now you say, what is your identity? They said, “We are from Arabia.” We were traveling by boat in the sea. We found the sea in a state of turbulent waves. After a month of storms, we finally reached your island. Then we entered the island in small boats.

Here we see an animal covered in fur. We can’t recognize her ass because of the excess of fur. We told him, may you be defeated! Who are you He said, he is Jassa-sah. We said, what is Jassa-sah again? Then he said, the church that can be seen, You go there. A man is waiting for you there. That’s why we came to you quickly. We are terrified of his words; I do not know if there is a jinn ghost again?

Then he said, “Tell me the news of the date-garden of Baisan.” We said, what do you want to know about the news? He said, “I am asking you whether there is fruit in the date orchard of Baisan.” We told him, yes, come. He said, “The day is near when there will be no fruit for them.” Then he said, Well, inform me about the sea of ​​Tiberias. We said, what do you want to know from us? He said, is there water in it? They said, “Yes, there is plenty of water.” 

Then he said:

The day is not far off when there is no water in the sea. He said again, “Inform me about the fountain of Yugar.” They said, “What do you want us to know about it?” He said, is there water in the fountain? And do the people of this town water this spring in their fields? We said, yes, there is a lot of water in it and the people of this town cultivate their fields with this water.

He said, “Tell me about the Prophet of the Ummah.” What is he doing now? They said that he had migrated from Makkah to Madinah. He asked, “Did the Arabs fight him?” We said, yes, it did. Then He said how he had treated them. We informed him that he had conquered the surrounding areas of Arabia and that they had accepted his submission. He said, what has happened? We said yes. He said that it was better for the people to accept the submission. Now I tell you about myself, I am the Antichrist.

I will be allowed to get out of here very soon. Going out, I will go around the whole earth. In forty days there will be no town where I will not enter. However, I am not allowed to enter Mecca and Taibah. When I wish to enter any of these two places, Then an angel will come forward with an open sword and stop me. Angels will guard all the streets of these two places.

The narrator said,

“Then the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) struck the pulpit with his staff and said, ‘This is Taibah, this is Taibah, this is Taibah.’ That is, Taibah means this Medina. Be careful! Have I not told you this before? Then people said, yes, you said. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, ‘I like the words of Tamim Addari very much.’ Since it is consistent with my description of what I have already told you about the Dajjal, Medina, and Makkah.

Know! The island is located in the Syrian Sea or in the middle of the Yemeni Sea. Which is located on the east side of the earth, on the east side of the earth, on the east side of the earth. At this time he also pointed to the east with his hand. The narrator Fatima bint Qays (may Allah be pleased with her) said: I have preserved this hadith from the Prophet (peace be upon him). 

From this hadith, it is understood that the Dajjal is imprisoned on an island in the sea east of the earth. He will be released when God’s appointed time comes.

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