What is the meaning of the word Vitr?

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What is the meaning of the word Vitr?

Vitr meaning

Al-Vitr is an adjective of Allah. This name means odd or singular. That is, Allah has no partner, no partner, no child, no equal.

Narrated by Ali (R)

He said, “The Witr prayer is not as essential as your obligatory prayers.” Rather, the Prophet (Sm) introduced (this prayer) for you as-Sunnah. He (SM)) said: Allah is Vitr and He loves Vitr. O bearers of the Qur’an (believers)! You pay Vitr.

Jame at Tirmidhi 453

Narrated from Abu Hurairah

The Prophet (Sm) said: Allah has ninety-nine names, one less than one hundred. Surely he is odd and he likes odd. He who guards these names will enter Paradise. These are:

Allahu Al Wahidu As Samadu, Al Awwalu Al Akhiru Al Batinu; Al Khaliku Al Bariu Al Musabbiru; Al Maliku Al Hakku; As Salamu; Al Mu’minu, Al Muhayminu; Al Azizu Al Jabbaru Al Mutakabbir; Ar Rahmanu Ar Rahim; Al Latifu Al Khabir; As Samiu Al Basir, Al Alimu Al Azeem; Al Barru Al Mutal, Al Jalilu al Jamilu al Hayyu al Qayyum al Qadiru al Qahhar; al Aliyu al Hakimu al Qaribu al Mujib al Ganiyu al Wahhabu al Wadudu ash Shakuru, al Majidu al Wajid al  Waliyu; ar Rashidu al Afubbu; al Ghafuru, al Halimu al Karimu

at Tawwabu and Rabbu; al Majidu al Waliyu ash Shahid; al Mubinu al Burhanu; ar Raufu ar Rahim al Mubdiu al Mud Baisu; al Warisu al Kabiyu al Shadidu ad Darru; an Nafiu al Baqiu al Waqiu al Khafidu ar Rafiu al Kabidu; al Basitu al Mu’izyu al Muzillu al Muqsitu; ar Razayaku; al Quwa Matin, Al Qaimu Ad Daimu Al Hafizu Al Wakilu; Al Fatiru; As Samiu Al Mu’tiyu Al Muhiyu Al Mumitu Al Maniu Al Jamiu; Al Hadiu Al Kafi Al Abdu Al Alimu As Sadiq; an Nuru al Muniru at Tammu al Qadimu al Bitru.

He is one He is not dependent on anyone, He has not given birth to anyone and He has not been born and no one is equal to Him. Zuhair (R) said,

Sunan Ibn Majah Hadith No. 361

Among the names of Al-Vitr, there is a vast knowledge of the Oneness of God. The name Al-Vitr is not mentioned in the Qur’an. But This name is found in the hadith of Rasulullah SAW.

May Allah Ta’ala grant us the Tawfiq to understand and act properly; Allahumma Amin.


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