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When is Shab e Meraj 2022? Miraj meaning


When is Shab e Meraj 2022? Miraj meaning

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, the topic of today’s discussion is when Shab e Meraj and what is the meaning of the word Miraj. Shab e Miraj 2022

Miraj meaning

The word mirage is Arabic; It means by which the ascent is made. It has come to be the word Urjun. In the dictionary which means, stairs, steps, steps, ascent, etc. The author of Kamusul Fiqh has given this meaning. The word Miraj is Isma Ala Sigah. This means the instrument (medium) to rise upwards. Since the stairs are the means of ascending to the top, the stairs are called mirages. 

The miraculous ladder from which the Prophet (peace be upon him) was taken to the Throne above the seven heavens near Baitul Muqaddas is called Miraj. 

In terminology, the journey from Aqsa to Sat Akash, Sidratul Muntaha, etc. in the mosque is called Miraj.

At the behest of Allah, the Prophet (peace be upon him) transcended the limits of human knowledge and ascended to the heavens, gaining nearness to Allah and talking; this event is called Meraj. 

In some parts of the night, the Prophet (peace be upon him) traveled from Makkah to Baitul Muqaddas to the seven heavens; And this is Meraj. The journey time from Mecca to Jerusalem was 1 month and the return time was 1 month. 

On the last watch of a special night before the Hijrah, he traveled from Baitullah to Baitul Muqaddas. 

It is to be noted that the first verse of Surah Bani Isra’il gives evidence of Israr and the first verse of Surah Najm (13-16) gives evidence of Miraj.

When is Shab e Meraj?

There is a lot of disagreement about the exact year and date of the occurrence of the mirage as there was no practice of writing the year and date when the Miraj took place. Hafiz Ibn Hajar Askalani said that there are more than 10 opinions in this regard. (Fathul Bari, Volume 8, Page 203) That is:

1. According to some, six months before the migration.

2. According to Imam Ibn al-Jawzi, on the night of 27 Rajab of the 12 years of Prophethood. Sayyidul Ambia in Sirat, 26 pages.

3. According to Ibn Sa’d, the Miraj of the Prophet (peace be upon him) took place on the 16th Rabiul Awal, one year before the Hijrah.

4. In his other narration, Miraj took place on the Saturday night of the seventeenth (18) of Ramadan, eighteen months before the Hijrah of Medina. Tbabakka-tu Ibn-Saad, Volume 1, page 18.

5. Allama Ibn Abdul Bar and others said that there was a gap of fourteen months between Miraj and Hijrah. Ya-Dul Maad, 3rd volume, 36 pages.

6. According to Ibrahim Harbi, eleven months before the migration. 

7. Ibn Faris said, fifteen months ago. 

8. Allama Suddi said, seventeen months ago. 

9. Eighteen months ago in the narration of Ibn Qutaybah. 

10. According to Ibn al-Asir, three years before the Hijrah. 

11. Qazi Yaz and Qurtubi and Imam Nawabi have narrated from Zuhr; Miraj took place five years before the Hijrah. Fathul Bari, 8th volume, 203 pages.

Shab e Meraj 2022

According to the knowledge of Allama Qazi Sulaiman Mansurpuri, the Miraj took place on the night of 27th Rajab in the tenth year of Prophethood. Rahmatullah Alameen, 60 pages. The English date was March 7, 620 AD, the night of the 26th Rajab, two years before the Hijrah. 345 pages of Azam Wa Akher in the Prophet. At present, according to everyone, that night was the night of the 27th Rajab, and Salta was the 10th year of Prophethood. As such, Shabe Meraj will be on 1st March in 2022.

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