Signs of nifaq in Islam. Signs of the hypocrite in hadith


Signs of nifaq in Islam. Signs of the hypocrite in hadith

What does hypocrisy mean?

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim – Signs of nifaq. Nifaq is an Arabic word. It literally means hypocrisy, adopting a two-pronged policy. In the technical sense, when Islam is practiced by concealing the disbelief of the heart, it is called hypocrisy. In simple language, when only the disbelief of the heart exists, then the blatant disbelief does not exist, then it is called hypocrisy. Again, it can be said that the name of practicing Islam without faith is hypocrisy. Only if we understand what faith and Islam are, we will be able to understand hypocrisy properly.   

What is faith?

Faith is the firm belief of the heart in all aspects of Tawheed, that is, the oneness of God. Faith is a matter of the heart. It resides in the heart.

What is Islam?

Islam is submission to the rule of one God. And surrender is a combination of two things. One of which is the verbal acknowledgment of Tawheed and the other is the implementation of Tauhid in deeds.

What is hypocrisy?

Simply put, there is no faith, that is, there is no firm and complete belief in Tauhid in the heart, that is,  there is no shirk in the heart, that is, there is disbelief in the heart, but keeping it secret is the name of hypocrisy.

Signs of nifaq

Some examples of hypocrisy are found in the hadith of the Prophet (SM). E.g.

The Prophet (SM) said: 

Obscenity and eloquence are two branches of hypocrisy.

A person who dies without jihad or does not have a desire for war dies on a part of the hypocrisy.

Love for Ansar is a sign of faith and enmity towards Ansar is a sign of hypocrisy.  

The four traits in which he is found will be considered as pure hypocrisy. A person who lies when he speaks breaks his promise, betrays his promise, and swears when he quarrels. In which one of these traits can be found, one of the traits of hypocrisy is found, until he abandons it.

Narrated Muhammad ibn Zayd ibn Abdullah ibn Umar from his father:

He said, some people bin Umar (RA), who said, We went to the prince that his talk, his court to say the opposite word he came out. He said We used to consider it as hypocrisy.

From this hadith, we understand that it is hypocritical to say one thing in front of someone and another in his invisibility.

The evils of hypocrisy

Allah says about the evils and consequences of hypocrisy :

Hypocrites said in the course of the Fire all have the rope at that position, and you have no helper for them to do.

( Surah An-Nisa ,  Ayat No. 145)

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