What will happen before qayamat?

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What will happen before qayamat?

Period of Imam Mahdi

Today’s topic of discussion is the sequence of events related to Imam Mahdi, Dajjal, Isa AH, Yajuz Majuz 

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: The Mahdi will come from my lineage, he will have a wide forehead and a well-developed nose. Just as the world of that time will be filled with oppression, so he will fill it with justice, and in his age, the ummah will have an unwanted abundance like never before. The earth will produce enough for all its food resources and nothing will stop it. Wealth will accumulate. People will stand up and say, O Mahdi, give me. He will say, take as much as you need. Allaah will make him worthy of the Khilafah in one night. And he shall reign seven years.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: The Hour will not take place until the Roman (Syrian) army descends near the Amaq or the Dabik Canal. Then a group of the best people in the world will come out of Madinah against them. Then, when the two parties are lined up, the Romans will say, “Separate yourselves from those who have taken our people captive.” We will fight them. And Then Muslims will say, by Allah! We will never sever ties with our brothers. Eventually, they will fight each other. One-third of the Muslim army will flee in this war. Allah will never accept their repentance. One-third of the soldiers will be killed and they will be the best martyrs among the martyrs in the sight of Allah.

signs of qayamat

And the other third of the soldiers will be victorious. Never again in life will they be affected by fitna. They will conquer Constantinople. They will continue to share their war wealth by hanging their swords on the olive tree. In that case, Satan will keep shouting at them, saying that the Dajjal has followed you to your family. Hearing this, the Muslims will get out of there. But this was false news. The arrival of the Dajjal will take place when they reach Syria. 

It is not clear in the hadith whether the battle will be led by Imam Mahdi or not. However, reviewing the hadiths related to fitna, it seems that it will occur during Imam Mahdi’s time, that is, under the leadership of Imam Mahdi. God knows best.

The advent of the Dajjal

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said that the  Dajjal will surely come out of a place called ‘Khalla’ in Syria and Iraq. Then he will cause havoc on his right and his left. Servants of God! You will remain steadfast. For I will now narrate to you all the evils which no prophet before me, especially any of his ummah, has uttered.

He will stay on earth for forty days. The first day will be equal to one year, the second day will be equal to one month and the third day will be equal to one week. The rest of the days will be like your days. The Companions asked, O Messenger of Allah! On a day that is equal to one year, will one day’s prayer be enough for us? He replied, No, you will calculate the day and determine the amount of your day.

He will say at the beginning of his claim, I am a prophet. But there is no prophet after me. Then he will say, I am your Lord. But you will not see your Lord until you die. He will be blind. But your Lord is not blind at all. “Kafir” will be written between his two eyes. Every educated and uneducated believer will be able to read this article.

signs of qayamat

One of the non-creations of the Dajjal is that he will have Paradise and Hell with him. But his hell will be Paradise and his Paradise will be Hell. Whoever is in danger of Hell, let him pray to Allah for help and recite the first part of Surah Al-Kahf. Then that hell will be cool and comfortable for him, just as the fire was in the time of Ibrahim (AS).

Another unnatural thing about the Dajjal is that he will say to a Bedouin, “If I can bring your parents back to life before you, will you testify that I am your Lord?” He will say, yes. Then (at the direction of the Dajjal) two devils will appear in the form of their parents and will say, O son! Obey him. He is your Lord.

Another unnatural of the Dajjal is that he will defeat and kill a person. Then they will cut him in two with a saw. Then he will say, “Look at this servant of mine, I will bring him back to life.” Would anyone still say that he has a Lord other than me? And Then Allah will resurrect that man. Then (Dajjal) Khabis will say to him, Who is your Lord? He will say, “My Lord is Allah.” And you are the enemy of Allah. You are the antichrist. By God! Today I understand you directly (that is, you are the Dajjal).

Another iniquity of the Dajjal is that if he directs the sky to rain, it will rain, and if he directs the earth to produce crops, it will produce crops.

signs of qayamat

Another iniquity of the Dajjal is that when he passes a town, they will find him a liar, destroying their cattle.

And Another misconduct of the Dajjal is that they will accept him as true when he crosses another town. If he orders the sky to rain, it will rain. Then if He commands the earth to produce grain, the earth will produce grain. The land will produce enough crops, grasses, and weeds, and even their cattle will return fat that evening and their breasts will be full of milk.

The condition will be that he will travel all over the world and it will be his downfall, except for Mecca and Medina. Angels will be stationed at the entrances of these two cities armed with open swords. In the end, he will land at the foot of a small red hill which will be the end of the grassy space.

signs of qayamat

Then Medina along with its inhabitants will be shaken three times. As a result, the hypocritical men and women will leave Medina and join the Dajjal. In this way, Medina will remove the filthy filth inside it, just as the hopper removes the rust of iron. The name of that day will be “Salvation Day.

Abul Akr’s daughter Umm Shuraik (R) said, O Messenger of Allah! Where will the Arab people be then? He said: At that time their number would be very insignificant. Most of their (believing) servants will then be in the Holy Temple. Their Imam will be a devout and virtuous person.

One thing that needs to be said here that it is not clear whether that Imam is actually Imam Mahdi. However, it is believed that he is Imam Mahdi. God knows best.

The coming of Isa (A)

In this situation, one day their Imam will perform the Fajr prayer with them. At that time, Allah will send the Lord of the Worlds, Isa Ibn Maryam (AS). He will land on the glorious minaret on the east side of the city of Damascus, clothed in a pair of wares and saffron, resting on the shoulders of two angels. When he bowed his head, drops of sweat would fall from his body. Then the Imam will move backward so that Isa bin Maryam (AS) can move forward and lead the prayers of the people. Jesus (peace be upon him) would place his hand on the Imam’s shoulder and say: You should lead the prayer. Because this prayer has been established for you. So their Imam will lead them in prayer.

When he retires from prayer, Jesus (PBUH) will say, open the door. Then the door will be opened and the Dajjal will be standing behind the door. He will be accompanied by seventy thousand Jewish artifacts and inlaid swords. As soon as the Dajjal sees Isa (AS), he will melt like salt in water and run away. Then Isa (AS) will say: I have a wound on you from which there is no way for you to escape. He will reach the eastern gate of Lud and kill him.

signs of qayamat

Then Allaah will defeat the Jews. Whatever is God’s creation – stone, plant, wall, or animal, behind which a Jew is hiding, Allah will give him the power of speech and he will call out, O Muslim servant of Allah! This is a Jew, come here and kill him. But the tree called Garkad will not speak. Because that is the tree of the Jews.

Then ‘Isa (as) will go to the people whom Allah has saved from the disaster of Dajjal. ‘Isa (as) will go to them, turn his hand over their faces, and inform them of their place in Paradise.

The arrival of Yajuz Majuz

At that time Allah will reveal to Isa (AS) that I have caused My servants to appear with whom no one has the power to fight. Then go to Mount Tur with My believing servants. Then Allah will send Gog Magog to the people. They will spread quickly to all corners of the globe. The first group of them will come to the coast of Tabaria (Mediterranean Sea) and drink all its water. Then their last group will say while traveling through this place, was there any water in this sea at any time? Then their expedition will end after reaching the mountain of Baitul Makdis. They will say to each other, “We destroyed the inhabitants of the earth, Now let’s destroy those who live in the sky.

They will shoot their arrows at the sky. God will return their arrows stained with blood. They will blockade the Prophet Jesus (PBUH) and his companions. As a result, a bull’s head will be more valuable to them than the value of one hundred dinars. Then God’s Prophet Jesus (PBUH) and his companions will pray to God. As a result, Allah will send torment to the people of Ya’juj-Ma’juj. They will have a kind of insect on their neck. In this, like the death of a human being, they will all die and become extinct.

Then ‘Isa (AS) and his companions will come out of the mountain to the ground. But they will not find even half a handful of places where their rotten corpses and corpses do not stink. Then ‘Isa (AS) and his companions will pray to Allah again. Then Allah will send a kind of bird as long as the neck of a camel. They will carry them to a place where Allah wills.

signs of qayamat

God will send down rain in such a way that no house will be left unfinished. The soil will be washed away and the plant will turn into empty soil. Then again the earth will be instructed to the effect that, O earth! You produce grain again and give back your blessings. On that day a group of people will eat a pomegranate and people will take shade under its bark. There will be blessings in milk. As a result, a milking camel will be enough for a group of people, a milking cow will be enough for a group of people and a milking goat will be enough for the children of one grandfather (a small tribe).

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: Isa bin Maryam (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) will be a just ruler and a just Imam of my Ummah. He will break the cross and kill the pigs so that not a single one of them will be left. Due to the abundance of wealth, he will waive Tax, stop paying zakat, and zakat will not be imposed on goats or camels. Mutual animosity and enmity among the people will end. Every poisonous animal will become poisonless.

signs of qayamat

Even a suckling baby will put his hand inside the snake’s mouth but it will not harm him. A little human child will chase a lion, That too will not harm him. The wolf will stay with the tiger sheep as if it were a guard dog. The earth will be filled with peace, like a vessel filled with water. Everyone’s words will become one. No one will be worshiped except God. War will leave his equipment. The reign of the Quraish will come to an end.

At that time Allah will send a very comfortable wind. This wind will blow in the arms of all the believers and will take away the souls of all the believing Muslims. Then only evil people will be left in this world. They will openly commit adultery with each other like donkeys. The Hour will come upon them.

May Allah Ta’ala grant us the Tawfiq to understand things properly and protect us from all temptations. Allahumma Amin.

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